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  • I would recommend

    Mr. Sauline, In my experience with Mr. Sauline, he was available to meet without scheduled appointment, responsive to questions and fully explained the legal process. He was honest in advising of possible outcomes and advocated for the best. In addition, he quickly responded to email and phone calls.

  • I would definitely hire him again

    Attorney Al Sauline demonstrated excellent initiative in taking my case and provided a good, down-to-earth, comprehensive dialog of pros and cons throughout the ups and downs encountered. During the case he maintained a friendly and helpful attitude that was positive at all times. He resolved my case to my satisfaction. I would definitely hire him again!

  • He is more than qualified to do his job!

    He is one of the most professional and truthful people I've ever had the pleasure of running across. Al is honest and very well respected in the law community. I was more than satisfied with having him as my attorney. He will not promise something that he cannot deliver. He has done his job as my attorney 100%!!! He is more than qualified to do his job! Thanks a Million AL!!!

  • He was a real friend and a great Attorney

    When something has gone wrong and you find yourself arrested, your world falls apart. You want someone to help you through this circumstances you will now have to face. I hope ;you will consider Attorney Sauline as your Friend that will help you through your legal problems. He told us what we needed to do , how he would handle our case , and the whole time he was speaking to us I felt totally at ease with his capabilities. Our case did go very well, and I can't thank Attorney Sauline enough for his always being there. He was there at every hearing, court appearance and even when I would call about a concern. He was never late always called to remind us and reinforce our doubts. He was a real friend and a great Attorney.

  • He provides his clients with the utmost respect, professionalism and personal care

    I have had the pleasure to work with Mr. Sauline and recommended clients to him. He provides his clients with the utmost respect, professionalism and personal care. He is constantly seeking opportunities to enrich his legal expertise. Not only is he an attorney that has a great grasp of the law and highly intelligent, but he shows a real compassion for individuals. His dedication to the people of the Panhandle goes beyond the courtroom, but into the community as an active leader in charitable organizations. His legal representation has been an invaluable addition to the Panhandle.

  • I don't think you could find anyone better than Al Sauline

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sauline when a family member was in need of an attorney. At all times, Mr. Sauline was very professional, very responsive, and assisted my relative with the very best outcome possible. He was always available & responded to questions or updates quickly. I've personally worked with many attorneys through the years and I must say that if you were in need of an attorney, I don't think you could find anyone better than Al Sauline. He has an extensive background in many fields of law, doesn't procrastinate, and takes his responsibilities very seriously.

  • Patient Attorney

    We were very happy with Mr. Sauline's representation of our son's case. He kept us apprised of any and all events that were directly related to his case. At all times Mr. Sauline represented himself very professionally. We would recommend him to anyone who should ever happen to need a criminal defense attorney.

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