At the Law Office of Al Sauline, we focus on achieving the results our clients desire, inquiring from the very first free consultation as to what direction the client wishes to proceed. In accordance with Florida Bar Rule 4-7.13 and 4-7.14, the following are objectively verifiable results of just a sample of the matters we have handled. Note: Results may not be typical. You may not have as beneficial of a result.

Felony Battery - Bay County

The Defendant was arrested for Felony Battery following a bar fight during the summer of 2016 in a Panama City Beach. The male victim had been struck by a female in the bar, and the victim retaliated by punching back. The problem for the victim is that he punched the wrong girl, striking an innocent female bystander instead of the girl who had actually struck him. The Defendant, seeing an innocent female bystander getting punched by the victim, punches the victim in defense of the innocent bystander who was struck in error by the victim. Despite this being the case, law enforcement actually arrested the Defendant, which was followed by formal charges being filed by the Office of the State Attorney. The State alleged the Defendant had broken the victim's teeth, caused severe bodily injury requiring stitches after throwing the victim through a glass window, etc.

During the course of discovery, depositions were conducted, which proved such to be the chronological order of events. In the meantime, the State could not produce the victim for depositions, which is a violation of Rule 3.220 of the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure. On the morning of jury selection, we were able to get the Court to orally issue an Order prohibiting the victim from being allowed to testify at jury trial due to the State failing to produce the victim for a deposition to occur. Once this ruling was issued, the State agreed to having the Court issue an Order granting our oral Motion to Dismiss the case, conceding there were zero witnesses who would allege the Defendant threw the first punch. Thus, the case was dismissed outright, with our client avoiding any conviction from being placed on his record, much less prison or probation, restitution, etc.

United States District Court, Northern District of Florida – Panama City Division

The Defendant was prosecuted in Federal Court for the offense of DUI. United States Air Force Personnel initiated a traffic stop on Tyndall Air Force Base after the Defendant was clocked at traveling 82 mph in a 40 mph zone. Upon making contact with the Defendant, the USAF Officers noticed signs of impairment, with the Defendant openly admitting to having consumed alcohol at his girlfriend’s house. The Defendant performed Field Sobriety Evaluations, which confirmed the USAF’s suspicions of impairment. The Defendant was subsequently arrested for DUI, and provided a breath sample with a reading of 0.08. Notwithstanding the Defendant’s driving pattern, odor of alcohol on his breath, poor performance on Field Sobriety Evaluations, breath alcohol level of 0.08, and his open admission to consuming alcohol while at his girlfriend’s house, we were able to negotiate with the United States Air Force Captain who prosecuted the matter in Federal Court to receive a Reckless Driving offer without any mention of alcohol, nor any DUI penalties whatsoever. The Honorable Magistrate Judge presiding over the matter merely assessed Court costs and fines totaling $260.00, with no jail time, no probation, no DUI school, no Victim Impact Panel class, no community service hours, no ignition interlock, no 10-day vehicle impound, nor any driver’s license suspension imposed by the Court. Thus, instead of a criminal DUI conviction by the United States of America in Federal Court, our client was able to escape with only a Reckless Driving offense and a $260.00 fine. Such is another reason to call our office before proceeding with any criminal matter, especially in Federal Court.

Felony Introduction of Contraband into a State Correctional Facility and Possession of a Controlled Substance - Gulf County

The Defendant was arrested and charged with Felony Introduction of Contraband into a State Correctional Institution, as well as Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance. Specifically, the Defendant was caught with synthetic marijuana inside of her female body cavity, as well as Alprazolam in a hidden pill bottle while at the Gulf Correctional Institution in Wewahitchka, Florida. The Defendant had provided law enforcement with a sworn, taped confession statement following the reading and waiver of her Miranda rights. Photographs of the items seized were obtained. Notwithstanding all of these facts, extensive plea discussions were conducted, and we were able to obtain an offer of Pre-Trial Intervention (i.e. a diversion program), whereby the charges will be dismissed once the program is successfully completed. The Defendant simply must stay out of trouble for a set period of time, complete a substance abuse awareness course, provide random urinalysis samples, and pay the standard costs associated with the program. Such is an example of how hiring an attorney can lead to a solid resolution to an otherwise strong case for the prosecution, even when the case has overwhelming evidence of guilt, thereby avoiding any prison time, any felony conviction, or even any probation for the matter.

Drug Case - Bay County

The Defendant was arrested and formally charged with 1st Degree Felony Conspiracy to Traffic in Methamphetamine (14 grams to 28 grams), as well as 3rd Degree Felony Unlawful Use of a Two-Way Communication Device. He had been arrested as part of a major sting operation conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement involving approximately 50 individuals alleged to be involved with massive drug distribution throughout Northwest Florida, finding his name being in the local news, and his photo even on the cover of the County Press newspaper. Naturally, with such serious charges and being part of a large drug enforcement task force operation, the Defendant was facing significant prison time.

Through an extensive discovery process, tearing apart the case while attacking from all angles, it was revealed that an error had occurred with the securing of a wiretap for phone calls in this drug bust, as an Assistant State Attorney signed the phone tap paperwork on behalf of our elected State Attorney, rather than having our State Attorney himself sign the paperwork. This technicality suddenly placed the whole drug sting in jeopardy, and made the phone tap information inadmissible at a trial. Through vigorous discussions with the State, we were able to secure a plea offer of only one count of Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, with our client merely paying minimal Court Costs & Fines in the amount of $500.00, with time served. No probation, no drug treatment classes, no urine testing, and no additional jail time, as the Defendant cannot even return to jail for failing to pay his fine, as it was reduced to a Civil Judgement. A Defendant only gets one shot at defending himself, and we truly attack from all angles of defense, as illustrated in this case. Instead of extensive prison time, the Defendant is enjoying life with nothing more than a mere misdemeanor fine.

Client Found Not Guilty of Violation of Probation on Life Felony – Gulf County

Prior to hiring Attorney Sauline, the Defendant had been convicted years ago of 2nd Degree Murder, a Life felony in Gulf County, and served prison time followed by Felony Probation. While on probation, the Defendant was arrested in Bay County for Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Use), and Permitting an Unauthorized Person to Drive (i.e. knowingly letting someone without a driver’s license drive the Defendant’s vehicle). These criminal charges, along with failing to pay Court costs and fines, resulted in a Violation of Probation in Gulf County. The Defendant faced Life in prison as a maximum punishment for the violation. The Circuit Court in Gulf County chose to proceed to an Evidentiary Hearing for the Violation of Probation, rather than waiting for the Bay County criminal charges to be resolved in a Bay County Courtroom. Following an Evidentiary Hearing on the Violation of Probation, which was prosecuted by the “Major Crimes Division” of the Office of the State Attorney for the 14th Judicial Circuit, the Circuit Court in Gulf County found the Defendant Not Guilty of all allegations, including Not Guilty of even failing to pay her Court costs and fines. Instead of receiving up to Life in prison, the Defendant was home with her family that evening and the Gulf County Violation of Probation was dismissed, with probation reinstated in Gulf County to all previous terms.

Traffic Citation Dismissed - Bay County

Client was issued a speeding ticket on April 23, 2015 for speeding in a school zone. The client volunteers with a local charity, one which offers assistance to those suffering during their final days of life, and was on her way from doing such work to a volunteer meeting. With her mind on her volunteer work, the Client did not notice she had entered a school zone, and was cited by Panama City Police for speeding in a school zone. Upon retaining our law office, we filed our standard pleadings, such as Notice of Appearance, Written Plea of Not Guilty & Demand for Traffic Hearing, as well as our Discovery demand, serving said documents upon the law enforcement officer who issued the citation. As the process moved along, we were given a contested hearing date of July 7, 2015. However, on June 26 th, 2015, the Officer had a change of heart, requesting the Court dismiss the citation. It was great to see law enforcement recognize the client’s dedication to her volunteer work with those suffering their final moments on this Earth, allowing the matter to be dismissed at his own request once evaluating the entire situation.

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