Arrested During Spring Break?

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Panama City Beach, Florida is one of the country’s hottest destinations for college and university students looking to spend Spring Break under the sun and on the beach. Almost synonymous with Spring Break are criminal violations, arrests, and law enforcement stings. When the party gets out of hand and people wind up in jail, my firm is there to help protect their rights and their future – after all, one conviction can lead to serious consequences that educational institutions are not quick to forget and forgive.

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Criminal Defense Representation for College Students

For many college students, Spring Break is the one time of the year that they feel like they can enjoy themselves. Most who do end up arrested for one criminal violation or another have never encountered law enforcement before and may be pushed around by a criminal justice system that knows they do not know their own rights.

Spring breakers frequently face the following criminal charges:

In the chaotic scene of Spring Break on Panama City Beach, the police can have great difficulty actually collecting evidence to use against you. This is not something they want you to realize and may do their best to get you to confess to something before you have an attorney present. I always encourage my clients to remember their Miranda rights at all times. When you retain my legal services, I can act quickly to determine if they have done any wrongdoing or lack substantial evidence to dismantle the prosecution’s claims.

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Even though time is of the essence, as every day the prosecution works on their offense and you do not work on your defense can be seen as a disadvantage, you do not need make a hasty decision about who you retain for defense. I encourage you to contact me, Panama City Criminal Defense Attorney Albert J. Sauline, III, and start off with a totally free initial consultation over the phone or in my law office. I am confident that you will see why readers of the Panama City News Herald voted me “Best of Bay 2015 – #1 Attorney in Bay County,” and ultimately will select me to be your legal counsel.

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