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Question: What is Introduction of Contraband?

Answer: Introduction of Contraband is a very serious Felony Criminal offense, one that jeopardizes the safety of employees at jails and prisons, as well as the safety and security of all inmates, all visitors, and the general public. Anyone observing this serious Felony Criminal offense should immediately report it to law-enforcement, and take a personal interest in making sure prosecution occurs for the safety of all. If you report something and no action occurs, follow up. If you believe there is a cover-up or insufficient investigation occurring, contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement immediately, as they are not influenced by local politics or “who’s who” in a community. You may also contact your local media as well.

This statute applies to lawyers as well as the general public, as even lawyers must follow the law, regardless of how much the client, the client’s family, or anyone influential in the community for that matter, may desire otherwise. A lawyer who brings contraband to an inmate not only commits a serious Felony Criminal offense, but also a serious ethical and moral lapse in judgment.

Simply put, Introduction of Contraband is when a person knowingly brings a prohibited item into a jail or prison. The items are often drugs, knives, or other weapons, but can also be money, food or alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, written communication not screened by law enforcement, etc. It is often proved by collecting audio of jail or prison phone calls where the offense is planned and discussed with someone on the outside, as well as video of the actual transaction from hidden cameras specifically installed by law-enforcement as a sting operation, or even using regular security cameras for that matter. Knowledge is often the weakest element of proof, one attacked by the defense.

If you, or someone you know, is charged with this serious Felony Criminal offense, call my office immediately. Available 24 / 7 at 850-215-0628.

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