Panama City Beach Enforces "No Alcohol" Ordinance for Spring Break

Spring Break has always been synonymous with drinking, at least in years past. But for beachgoers in Panama City Beach, Spring Break in 2016 will be a different story. Panama City Beach City Council voted 5-0 draft an ordinance banning drinking on the sandy beaches during the month of March when Spring Break is in full effect. The Panama City Beach City Council recently approved the ban, which will commence next year.

Officials Look to Repair the City’s Image

It is no secret that Panama City Beach has long been a hub of partying, particularly for college students. City officials decided to take matters into their own hands and imposed the ban in an effort to repair the city’s negative image.

This year’s Spring Break crowd was especially rowdy, with one individual allegedly shooting seven by-standers and an alleged sexual assault occurring in the Panama City Beach vicinity. While some voiced concerns that the alcohol ban will merely deter college students from visiting the city, others find the extreme measure to be the only correct response for such serious behavior.

In addition to the alcohol ban, reports indicate that the City Council also approved the early stages of three other ordinances, all aimed at achieving the same goal. These ordinances would close bars at 2 AM, ban open containers of alcoholic beverages in commercial parking lots unless under surveillance by the business, and ban parking on right of way after sundown.

While the penalties for breaking the alcohol ban have yet to be discussed, offenders could face harsh consequences for their actions. Any alcohol-related criminal charges are serious and should be treated as such. If you were recently arrested for a similar charge, contact our law office immediately.
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