Panama City News Herald's "Best of Bay 2017" Top Attorney for 3rd Year in a Row

We are pleased to announce our very own Albert Sauline, III, Attorney at Law, was voted as the Panama City News Herald’s Best of Bay 2017 Top Attorney for the 3rd year in a row! This incredible honor has been bestowed to Attorney Sauline for the 3rd year in a row because of his incredible dedication, determination, and tenacity in the field of Criminal Law. As a Panama City Criminal Defense lawyer who has handled thousands of cases throughout his career, our team could not be more proud to be working with such a celebrated and reputable lawyer.

The Panama City News Herald’s “Best of Bay 2017” is dedicated to celebrating all of the exceptional businesses, organizations, people, and more. The qualifications of this award are based solely on client satisfaction and success rate, as this award is determined through a voting process decided by the people of Panama City. This demonstrates just how appreciated Attorney Sauline is, as all of his time and resources are 100% devoted to serving the people who need it most.

With nearly 13 years of experience, Attorney Sauline inspires us to do better every day. As a team, we take pride in the advocacy we can provide the people of Panama City, and we believe every person deserves a fighting chance against the justice system. Our commitment to providing you a safe space to find legal counsel is essential. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we are eternally grateful to the people of Panama City for granting us this great honor for the 3rd year in a row. We look forward to next year!

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If you are in need of a Panama City Criminal Defense lawyer you can trust, one with proven results, look no further than our team at Albert Sauline, III, Attorney at Law. We provide you with the personalized attention you need to fight the charges against you, and we do so with compassion, care, and ease.

To speak to a representative today, call us at (850) 250-3426.

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