Albert J. Sauline, III Attorney at Law, Interviewed Regarding New Florida Laws

With the start of 2018 comes a new set of laws for the state of Florida. These changes impact a number of legal fields, including wage increases, family law, visitation, and more. One of the most major changes is a raise in the state’s minimum wage, as the rate will increase to $8.25 an hour if the employee is not tipped. Child custody has changed as well, in which the Courts can determine a time-sharing plan if two parents cannot agree.

Interviewed by WMBB ABC-13, Attorney Sauline stated: “As often as it is, the case during divorce or child custody cases, parents aren't reasonable. They can't come to an agreement so this also allows the department of revenue to put together a plan for the department of revenue to bring to the Circuit Court.”

He also states, regarding changes in prescription pickup laws: “At least once a year your local HMO or health insurance provider is required to give you this option of coordinating one day a month where you can go pick up all your prescriptions. Perhaps friends of the accused might have bad wishes on witnesses, now they won't have easy access to personal identifiable information.”

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