Attorney Albert J. Sauline, III Becomes President of Panama City Lions Club

Lions Clubs International is recognized as the largest service club organization in the world. With more than 1.4 million members and involvement in 210 countries, the men and women entrusted to lead these organizations must be of the utmost character, morals and ethics. It is only natural, then, that Attorney Albert J. Sauline, III was recently selected to be the President of the Panama City Lions Club.

As President, Attorney Sauline is entrusted with great responsibility. Each club within the organization is committed to making a difference in the local communities to which they serve. For the Panama City Lions Club, that means meeting needs and solving problems with integrity and determination.

In What Capacity do Lions Clubs Serve the Community?

Although each club is unique, there are certain commonalities behind the mission statement of every Lions Club in the organization. The number one mission is to engage in global sight preservation. This includes providing free sight-saving surgical procedures, free seeing eye-dogs, free glasses, free eyes examinations, etc.

Additionally, the organization offers relief after natural disasters, as well as participates in various youth programs. Lions Club International is committed to all of the following:

  • Giving everyone the eyes to see a better tomorrow
  • Providing the resources for healthier lifestyles
  • Emboldening the next generation
  • Protecting the planet

Lions Clubs are making a difference around the world, serving in big cities and small villages, all for the good of the community. Criminal Defense Attorney Al Sauline is passionate about making our community a better place, helping our neighbors and friends in their time of need, and looks forward to accomplishing great things in his position as President of the Panama City Lions Club.